Tidewater does commercial better

Our commercial and retail experience is unmatched. It’s not just the years of experience with projects of all sizes, or the prestigious names we could throw around. It’s about the quality of the final product and the satisfaction of our clients.Type your paragraph here.

Setting and Achieving Goals

The truth is, we hope someday there will be no need to set goals for diversity and inclusion because the resources across our industry will naturally reflect the communities they serve. We’re not there yet, so for now, we’ll set the bar high and keep striving. Though every client and commercial construction project differs, we often approach partner diversity by:

  • Working closely with clients to establish aggressive goals
  • Actively soliciting prospective bidders
  • Encouraging all partners to make minority inclusion a priority
  • Supporting minority contractor success through formal and informal mentoring efforts
  • Tracking and reporting on our resultsType your paragraph here.